----- A Gift from You ----- For A Confirmed Restaurant Guest ONLY

If you want to pick up the check, we can only give you some parameters as to how much you should select. The average bill for a party of 2 is around $100. If they like to splurge, you may want to increase the amount. If there is a balance, the guest can use that as gratuity or we will give them the balance in a giftcard. If they go over, we will deduct the amount of your gift from their check and request payment for the balance. 


the girl & the fig can not share guest information without guest permission. We can only make these arrangements if you know when the reservation is for.


If you are looking for a gift card that is not associated with a confirmed reservation, please go here!

----- A Gift from You ----- For A Confirmed Restaurant Guest ONLY

  • There are no returns or refunds 5 days prior to your guest recipient's reservation.

  • This giftcard will be used to purchase the recipient's meal per your request.

    There is no shipping involved, sorry for any confusion.

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